iBall Nation is a media outlet organization that promotes youth basketball and provides a comprehensive support system for both the young athletes and their families. MPN understands the need to not only nurture the physical fitness and skills but also their psychological development of young athletes through support and education. Therefore, MPN identified the iBall nation 2-day event as an opportunity to accomplish. During this event, MPN had the opportunity to interact with both the young athletes and their families. On day one, MPN was able to interact with the parents through a panel discussion, where information on mental health strains and struggles athletes face was discussed. On the second day, MPN facilitated opportunities for the young athletes to be exposed to the barriers and tests their mental fitness can undergo. These opportunities included the young athletes exposure to coping skills and techniques they could use to better nurture their mental health fitness. The athletes were provided opportunities to interact with therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals that provided not only insight on what it means to be a young athlete but also how to develop effective coping skills to fully enjoy their future paths as athletes. This was accomplished through fun and interactive activities that the children learned from and were able to take away from.

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