On September, 2019, the Minority Psychology Network was created, as our founder and President, Successful Brim, co-led a mental health workshop in Los Angeles, CA, alongside Adoma Adae. This event featured various professionals in the mental health field, ranging from Dr. Loree Johnson, Dr. Nicole Arkadie, and others, to fitness Shaka Hurd, nurse Venus Chandler and entertainment media- Chuey Martinez. These professionals provided insight not only on how their respective profession interacts with mental health but also on their own mental health journey. The workshop helped identify how our mental health impacts several aspects of our lives as well as how our professions, hobbies, and interests can help address various mental health concerns. Additionally, the panel provided the audience with diverse perspectives on various aspects of mental health, throughout the event as well as during the Q & A portion. Lastly, the workshop emphasized the need for minority mental health professionals as the audience expressed the barriers when trying to address their mental health needs with professionals with whom they cannot relate on a cultural level. 

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