Education Committee 
The Education Committee aims to educate the general public and community about our nonprofit organization, which includes our mission, vision, and purpose. The committee works to provide knowledge and insight to minority communities, in efforts to break the stigma related with mental health.

Resource Committee 
The Resource Committee aims to facilitate the minority communities with access to Minority Mental Health professionals.

Sports and Mental Health Committee 
The Sports and Mental Health Committee aims to address the challenges that minority athletes of all levels (K-12, collegiate, and professional) endure before, during, and after their athletic journey.

Event Planning Committee 
The Events Planning Committee aims to break the stigma regarding Mental Health in minority communities through interactive workshops, discussions, and many other activities.

Mental Health Law/Policy Committee 
The Mental Health Law/Policy Committee aims to bring light to Mental Health issues that are often disregarded and overlooked in many minority communities by focusing on legal issues concerning mental illnesses, ranging from civil rights, to access to the plight of individuals coping with mental illness. The committee also ensures the board has policies and procedures in place to guide the operation of the non-profit organization in a legal and ethical manner. 

Fundraising Committee 
The Fundraising Committee aims to raise funds to ensure the financial viability and stability of the non-profit organization to then help spread awareness on Mental Health.

Ethics Committee 
The Ethics Committee ensures that major strategic decisions are made regarding the activities related to the nonprofit organization, while being carried out in an ethical manner in accordance with National and International laws.

Social Media/Community Outreach Committee 
The Social Media Committee aims to build a team of supporters who agree to amplify the non-profit organization’s message on social networking sites. This is accomplished by developing and implementing social media strategies, while adhering to social media policy to maintain a professional positive reflection upon The Minority Psychology network and its members.