We are giving back to the community that we serve. This holiday season we have partnered with the Los Angeles Mission Shelter, Riverside Mission Church and in Dallas Texas the Austin Street Center and Genesis Women’s Shelter to help get donations such as clothes and toiletries to underprivileged populations. In the attempt to give back, MPN also sought to provide a Christmas tree to a family in need and had the opportunity to do so with a family located in California. MPN continues to seek opportunities to provide other families with more Christmas trees for this holiday season, as we understand that although reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health is the ultimate goal, it is not the end-all-be-all. MPN understands  that small acts of kindness can alleviate someone’s mental health stress and it is these small acts of kindness that contributes to spreading mental health awareness; It helps to show that mental health is so much more than depression, anxiety, or any other mental health condition. Mental health is an individual and communal concern that should be addressed by in both individual and communal levels. MPN aims to cultivate an environment that motivates the minorities communities to seek the assistance needed to improve their mental health. We can all achieve this by giving back and showing the community that their mental health and physical health, matters.