MPN team members and volunteers from our two partner organizations (The Women of Action, LLC, and Pocket of Change, LLC) will co-teach this free course, designed to serve anyone who identifies as a minority woman. The eight-module curriculum will cover an array of topics related to both financial literacy and mental health—two subjects people frequently struggle to discuss, and for which the stigma can be particularly severe in minority communities. MPN will offer participants an independent and unbiased financial curriculum, along with components that focus on self-care, stress management, and other mental health topics, in an enjoyable and engaging environment. The courses will all be taught by Black women who have created and simplified complex verbiage into everyday language to help women make better-informed financial decisions. Above all, the program intends to highlight the concepts and significance of financial literacy and how it can contribute to improving socioeconomic well-being, financial sector development, poverty reduction, and sustainable growth for women and girls of color. “Graduates” will receive a certificate and an Amazon gift card, and they will become part of the MPN “family,” giving them continued access to a supportive network of relevant resources. Ultimately, they’ll leave empowered to take control of their finances and their emotional health at a time of continued uncertainty.