MPN’s Peer Counseling Program is designed to educate minority students on Mental Health and the various ways that an individual’s mental health is impacted by different aspects of life. In doing so, we aim to shape students into quasi Mental Health Specialists who can consequently identify and support those who wish to make their Mental Health a priority. Mental wellness is imperative for all students, particularly those, such as athletes, who are often enrolled in school away from home. We believe it is essential for athletes to have open access to resources in order to properly and effectively address their mental health. Furthermore, to encourage students to seek support and voice their struggles, our Peer Counseling Programs will provide students across the nation with an environment that is safe, supportive, and free of stigma. In this environment, students will be welcomed by minority students, mentors, and professors, which will consequently allow the students to share with people they can relate to because they look like them and as such, can serve as effective guidance and support in both their struggles and journeys.